Wanda Smart Home App

Wanda Smart Home App

wanda home automation app

UI designs

App logo

Research and problem definition

Project goal

Create a unique experience that provides comfort and confidence through a mobile app. To do this, we need to design the interface of an app that facilitates the user’s access and comfort in their homes, giving control not only to themselves but to the whole family.

*Please, be aware that all information in this case study is my team’s: Mauri Aguirre, Maria Abeledo, Mireia Serra, Guillermo Garcia and me.


Conducting User Survey

We conducted a user survey to gain user insight and gather ideas to reach the goal of the project. 

We wrote a 20-question survey and posted it on different online communities and Facebook groups that matched the target user profile. We received 96 responses.

We also did market research by analyzing the reviews of users from our competitors’ platforms. We found a relevant amount of data in various e-commerce shops such as Amazon.

User personas

We created and validated two persona profiles by using the results obtained from the survey and the review analysis from competitors.

Focussing especially on the interactional context of both personas, we could better understand their environmental, physical and emotional state when interacting with our app. This helped us make important design decisions and determine key functionalities like the following ones:

  • An initial tutorial that will guarantee a good understanding of the apps functioning to all types of users (the more techie and fewer techie ones).
  • Chat function with customer service for technical assistance.
  • Daily graphs that will inform users of their current energy consumption.

Design impact

3 basic app features based on research conclusions


The users will be able to connect their devices to the app to access movies, series, music and will also be able to control the children's access to multimedia content.


The thermostat feature will enable users to control the temperature of the different rooms in their homes separately and remotely. Also, the app will provide feedback to ensure responsible use of energy at home.


Users will be able to give others access to their home remotely and whenever they want (one-time access or total access). Access will be granted via fingerprint or directly with a one-time code through the app.

User flow for the 3 features

Design exploration

Low-fidelity wireframes

Mid-fidelity wireframes

Style guide

Wanda app mockup video