CutiePie App: crafting nutritious beginnings for your little ones

CutiePie App: crafting nutritious beginnings for your little ones

A dinner that sparked an idea ✨

One evening over dinner, my friend Antonia, a developer, shared her vision of an app dedicated to baby nutrition.

Together with her business partner Homa, an experienced professional from a successful food delivery app, they had a dream.

They also had Gerta, a certified baby nutritionist and social media influencer, and Francesca, a social media manager. What they lacked was a designer to bring their vision to life. That’s where I came in, starting with a logo that would become the face of CutiePie.

iOS app dock CutiePie
Vector Logo of CutiePie
Initial brandboard CutiePie

From logo to brand: creating CutiePie's identity

The CutiePie logo, a fun and engaging baby chef, quickly became our beloved mascot. We animated the baby chef and created a series of illustrations & animations to bring more personality and charm to the app and to make it more engaging. The team loved the branding proposal, and I was thrilled to be invited to join as a co-founder and take charge of the app’s design.

Our Baby Chef

CutiePie mascot created with Figma. Animation created with Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Character Animator.

Meal plan empty state

Saved recipes empty state

Loading animation

Diving into the world of baby nutrition 👶🍼

Entering the baby nutrition industry was new to me, so I started with research to better understand who I was designing for and what their core problems were. Little did I know that meal planning for babies would be so immensely complex, especially for first-time parents and for parents with kids of different ages. 

Thanks to Gerta’s 70k Instagram followers, we were able to launch several surveys via stories to understand the struggles of first-time parents and millennial parents.

We also reached out to mothers from our network who had given birth in the last three years. We gathered many interesting insights that helped us shape the MVP of our app.

Understanding millennial parents' needs 👀

In our quest to understand the daily trials of millennial parents, we discovered some unique struggles and aspirations:

  • Complexity of meal planning: 50% of young parents rely on online resources to gather recipes and nutritional information. Despite this, they struggle with the time-consuming nature of meal planning, with 30% expressing difficulty in finding dedicated time amidst their busy schedules.

  • Desire for healthy, personalized options: A 34% of parents reported difficulty in sourcing tasty recipes that their baby will love. Millennial parents, in particular, are increasingly conscientious about providing natural, ecological, and nutritionally balanced meals for their children, yet they find it challenging to access quick and easy recipes that align with these values.

These insights shaped our MVP, focusing on core features to address the primary pain points of parents.

Designing the MVP: solutions as unique as your little one

To directly address these insights, we designed an MVP that resonates with the essence of millennial parenting:

  • Personalized meal plans: Through an intuitive survey, parents can easily input their child’s dietary requirements and preferences. Our nutritionist then creates a tailored weekly meal plan, offering peace of mind and saving valuable time.

  • Quick and convenient recipes: Recipes designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less, with clear instructions and readily available ingredients, cater to the fast-paced lifestyles of today’s parents.

  • Automated grocery lists: Integrated seamlessly with the meal plan, CutiePie generates a precise grocery list. This feature streamlines shopping trips, ensuring parents purchase the right ingredients in the right quantities.

These features not only simplify the complexities of meal planning but also empower parents to provide their children with nutritious meals tailored to their specific needs.

Initial wireframes of the app

Designing for accessibility: enhancing User Experience for busy parents

In the heart of CutiePie’s development journey, we prioritized accessibility as a cornerstone of our MVP design. Understanding the daily realities of our users—busy parents balancing babies and smartphones—we aimed to create an app that seamlessly integrates into their lives, no matter the circumstance.

Empathy in Design

Imagine a parent juggling a baby in one arm and their phone in the other. In these moments, traditional touch interfaces can become cumbersome. To address this, we designed CutiePie with large buttons, intuitive navigation, and clear, contrasting colors that ensure easy visibility and interaction even under sunlight.

User-centric features

Our commitment to accessibility extends beyond visual design. We optimized text size and spacing to accommodate users who may have visual impairments or find themselves in challenging outdoor lighting conditions. By prioritizing simplicity and clarity in our interface, we aimed to empower all parents to navigate the app effortlessly.

Continuous improvement

While our MVP successfully addresses initial accessibility challenges, we remain dedicated to ongoing enhancements. Future updates will introduce innovative features such as voice command integration and enhanced tactile feedback, further improving usability and ensuring that CutiePie remains an indispensable tool for parents everywhere.

Buttons in Design System
Buttons in Design System - Accessibility requirements
accessibility color audit
Color audit for accessibility

Launch and early success

In April 2024, we launched CutiePie. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents appreciate the simplicity and usefulness of the app. We’re now collecting feedback to iterate and improve further.

CutiePie was a lifesaver when I started introducing solids to Becca. As a first time mom, I was worried about nutritional balance, allergies and of course how to encourage Becca into taking new ingredients. The colorful, sensory-focused meal suggestions encouraged my baby to explore different textures and flavors without fuss. Every time Becca tries something healthy and new, we feel like a little victory. CutiePie’s positive reinforcement techniques made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this journey.

Giulia – CutieMom of Becca

I’m Marije, mom to my picky 15-month-old, Malin. I wanted to share our latest experience with Malin’s picky eating habit. Recently, I decided to introduce Malin to some new flavors during one of our sunny park picnics. With the app’s guidance, I packed a variety of tasty snacks like mango slices, avocado and watermelon cubes, and used colorful plates to make it fun.

Malin surprised me by eagerly trying these new foods and loving them! She even made a new friend, Oliver, and they enjoyed exploring these delicious flavors together.

We’re both excited to see what new foods we can discover next!

Marije – CutieMom of Malin

A call to investors

Are you an investor interested in supporting a project that makes a real difference in parents’ lives? Reach out to us for more details and numbers. Visit our website,, and download the app on the App Store or Google Play to experience it yourself. Enjoy a one-week free trial on us!

Conclusion: the journey continues 💫

This journey has been an exhilarating ride, from a dinner conversation to launching an app that helps parents nurture their babies with nutritious meals. We’re excited about the future and the potential to make an even bigger impact. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements!