About the project

The challenge

The client required to have a minimalistic website while using the existing logo & color palette (intense BLUE and light GREY). The website needed to inspire trust but at the same time be able to “break the stigma” of lawyers being traditional, bureaucratic, slow and difficult to access.

Instead, the client desired its law firm to be perceived as innovative, modern and easy to access in order to reach a younger and more open-minded target: young couples, startups, single parents.

The objective

Legal Tag is a young law firm that focuses on helping startups, young couples and single parents with their legal issues.

The goal of the project was for me to design and develop a website that would clearly explain all the services Legal Tag offers and would help the firm get easily contacted by new clients, all by being trustworthy, fresh and innovative.

My role

Web design and development

Competitor analysis

Copywriting and SEO

Digital marketing management

About the product

Easy contact

Fixed contact button

The user has always the possibility to contact the law firm by clicking on the button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Smart chat bot

By clicking on the corner-button, a smart chat bot will open, where the user will be able to select the type of service needed and schedule an appointment with the law firm.

User testing

One of the goals of the website was to enable users to contact the law firm easily and quickly. Therefore, I added different contact buttons in the website’s prototype as well as a fixed button in the lower-right corner that would follow the user in every page. After doing user testing with 3 existing clients, we discovered that the lower-right button in the corner was the most used to contact the law firm.

On the other hand, the design that was perceived as more approachable, innovative and fresh was the one that used more illustrations and animations to explain the services, as well as a more informal language rather than the more complex legal jargon.