About the project

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The challenge

The objective

To create a user-friendly and responsive website where existing and new patients can easily book appointments & phone calls via WhatsApp. The website needed to be SEO optimised & include a concrete explanation of all services provided to allow the new potential patients to discover him and get all information needed to avoid a high amount of questions via WhatApp.

My role

Web design and development

User research

Competitor analysis

Copywriting and SEO

Digital marketing management

User personas

After a phone interview with 5 existing patients of different age & background I was able to determine 3 user personas that would make use of the appointment booking onsite. This helped me design a basic website which I tested with the aforementioned patients in order to create the final design.

What do all of them have in common? They are all women, since a Gynaecologist offers his/her services exclusively to women. In addition, they are all from a younger age-range & online driven.

They all need to find a new doctor online that solves their specific problem – for Marta, it is having her breast checked for a potential breast cancer, for Beth, who is an expat and new to the city, it is finding a trustworthy Gynaecologist that is able to speak English, and for Gemma it is finding a doctor that does natural anti-age treatments.

They all have a preference for online booking and need to see positive reviews of existing patients in order to trust the doctor. The specific services offered by the Gynaecologist should be as well properly explained with details, as well as the “mutuas” the doctor works with should be mentioned.

User testing

After the feedback received from the interviews and prototype testing, I was able to come up with the final design:

mockup before and after website
mockup before and after website

Test results and findings

About the product

Book an appointment

mockup dr matas portfolio 1

The user chooses the medical service needed.

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Then it arrives to the service page, where it can book the desired service by clicking on “book now”.

mockup dr matas portfolio 3

In the last step, the user will be redirected to a WhatsApp conversation with the doctor’s assistant to book the appointment.

captura pantalla servicio DIU

Example of services page

Logo sketches