Drink delivery eCommerce concept

Mobile drink delivery service design


One of my agency's clients came to us with a new business idea: to create an express drink delivery solution for the Belgian market.
Our client was already successful in a related industry and had logistic capabilities to expand the business.

As a design lead for this project I was put in charge of creating an initial concept design that would help validate the idea by the market and attract investors.


Lead UX/UI Design (User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping)


Feb - Mar 22

Project goal

The goal is to design a mobile e-commerce purchase and fast home-delivery process for soft/alcoholic drinks and related supplies and to offer a complete experience for customers to get inspired, discover and order online.

Client's value proposition

By being successful in a related industry, the client had already built logistic capabilities and a good network in the D2B delivery & beverage sector, so we started by putting on top of the table those competitive advantages that could be the base of our new D2C business.

Fast delivery of supplies in Belgium with its own logistics (<24h)

Sustainable approach – possibility to pick up the empty bottles for recycling

Delivery of not only drinks, but also directly related equipment and material (ice, cardboard tableware, tools for cocktails, etc.)

Business Challenges

Entering this new industry and switching from D2B to D2C has its own challenges & requirements that would need to be taken into consideration when designing the new solution. Some of the most relevant ones are the following:

Product Users

Our target audience is the working population of the age group 18-50.

User Goals

Given what our client had to offer, we needed to match the value proposition with real needs and goals of users to assess if this could be a solution that real people would use and, most importantly, to find out why they should be using it instead of another one, who would use it and in which context.

Here there are some of the goals we highlighted as important to someone who uses a drink delivery app/web, based on competitor’s research:

Features & functionalities

To resolve user needs

The user goals mentioned were then directly translated into the following features & functionalities that would enable our users to reach them: 

Pricing comparison & promotions through the app/web

Live order tracking and <24h delivery

Discovery & recipe section based on popular occasions, taste quizzes and personalised recommendations

Reduce cognitive load that implies a large selection with clean and structured navigation, detailed filtering & sorting options and rich search

Option to pick up empty bottles and providing with partial reimbursement to encourage sustainability

User Personas

User Journey: Marie Janssen


UI Screens

Link to Figma prototype here


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