About the project

The challenge

The objective

DecohomeBcn wants people to familiarise with the “new normal” of digital Interior Design, offering transparent, pre-bundled packages that are easy to access, affordable and leverage new technologies such as 2D and 3D rendering, remote communication and online surveys to produce a high-quality, tailor-made result that is compliant with the current situation and that can be adapted to the pace and urgency of the customers.

My role

Service conception and roadmap

Web design and development

User research

Competitor analysis

Copywriting and SEO

Digital marketing management

User personas

Created and validated using a simple survey which allowed me to understand the principal pain points of the potential customers in the interior design sector.

User research

Those are the 4 most relevant results found out in a 20-question survey. It was completed by 100 people from different backgrounds, ages, gender & salary range and the goal was to discover any trends in relation to interior design as a service. 

The results were very helpful to understand, in a general way, how the sector was perceived and what it could be done to make it more accessible to people and to make it become more digital driven.

Have you ever thought about hiring or did you ever hire an interior designer?

If you NEVER thought about it or NEVER hired it, what was the reason?

How does an interior design service need to be in order for you to hire it?

Which price would you be willing to pay for an interior designer to redecorate one room?

Survey results and findings

About the product

The checkout process

The user chooses the interior design service that adapts better to its needs.

It will be redirected to the checkout page to purchase the service.

The customer arrives to the thank you page where it’ll get the link to a form.

By clicking the link, the customer will be able to fill in the after-purchase form.

This process will allow DecohomeBcn to offer different packs to customise it’s interior design service. On the other hand, the customer will know the price of their interior designer upfront: prices will be transparent and affordable due to the fact of being divided into price-per-room.

The after-purchase form will enable a better customisation of the service: this way, the interior designer will have concrete insights on the specific needs, taste in style and budget of the customer before starting the project.

The Interior Design packs

The services provided in the packs as well as the prices were created and validated using the results of the survey as well as through competitor analysis.

Every Pack was designed having one of the 3 user personas in mind: the pack “complementos” is the most basic one and it was created for users like Rosa, the pack “low cost” was built for users like Sara and the “premium” pack is meant for users like Luisa (see user personas here).

captura de pantalla homepage decohomebcn

Home page

Logo sketches