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Research and problem definition

Project goal

Create an online interior design service that offers transparent, pre-bundled packages that are easy to access, affordable and leverage new technologies such as 2D rendering, remote communication and online surveys to produce a high-quality, tailor-made result that is compliant with the covid situation and that can be adapted to the pace and urgency of the customers.


Conducting User Survey

Surveyed around 100 people (+25 questions) from different backgrounds, ages, gender & salary range and the goal was to discover any trends in relation to interior design as a service. 

The results showed that the sector was perceived to be expensive and difficult to access, as well as not transparent in the pricing. This is why we decided to offer more affordable pre-bundled packages with a closed and transparent price to make our service more accessible to the target clients.

User personas

Created and validated 3 user personas using a simple survey which allowed me to understand the principal pain points of the potential customers in the interior design sector.

Style guide


DecohomeBcn Interior Design

About the project

Born during covid-19 to help an interior designer continue to offer her services 100% remotely, DecohomeBcn wants people to familiarise with the "new normal" of digital Interior Design.


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