About me

About me

I'm a creative problem-solver at heart, fascinated by psychology and driven by a genuine curiosity to understand why people do what they do. Crafting pixel-perfect designs and creating consistent design systems is my passion because I'm all about paying attention to the smallest details and finding order in chaos.

With over 4 years of design experience and 8 years of experience in the tech industry, I've worked on everything from eCommerce to apps across a wide range of industries. Recently, I've been creating amazing experiences for big brands like Berry Bros. & Rudd, Onitsuka Tiger, and Diptyque at Vaimo.

Plus, I'm an entrepreneur at heart - I've started two businesses and developed an app for babies' nutrition called CutiePie, which just launched!

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Some fun facts

🪐 My 16personalities type is the Protagonist (ENFJ-T).

🌎 I grew up in Barcelona, lived in Austria, Germany and currently in Belgium. I love being in international environments and learning new things in general, but especially languages (am fluent in 5 and currently learning a 6th).

🗂️ I’m extremely organised in my private life. I love bringing order to chaotic environments, and like to (try) and follow the KonMari Method at home (I even have my wardrobe colour-coded…and I’m not ashamed 😆).

🧩 I love solving puzzles, mysteries and trying to come up with new ways of solving complex problems – for me it’s like a game. As a child, I wanted to be both, a detective and a thriller novel writer. I guess that explains why I became a UX Designer – now I’m solving problems for people and businesses through user-research and design!

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