A little bit about me.

I’m a UX/UI designer and a self-taught web designer. After some years working in the business side of leading digital companies such as trivago or Wayfair, I felt I wasn’t using my creativity as much as I’d have liked to.

Therefore I decided to start learning WordPress web design in parallel with my job, by watching Youtube videos and by building my first website for my dad’s medical center.

By doing so, I discovered my passion for UX design and decided to quit my job to become a freelance designer and a UX Master’s student at Elisava.

Today, I’m a full-time UX/UI designer at Vaimo who can proudly say to have made the career of her dreams become a reality.

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.

Yes, I may seem like I’m living on Mars sometimes, but the truth is that I only travel there from time to time, when necessary. Crazy & creative ideas don’t come just by staying in our world. However, in order to make them work, I leave my feet on the ground (or at least one of them :)). 

Three things about me? I tend to see the glass half-full, like to learn something new from every experience and enjoy connecting people with the digital world.

Miriam Matas web design and UX/UI

I like sharing design tips on @uxui.miriam


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