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Hola! I'm Miriam, a UX/UI designer from Barcelona

🛍️ Crafting eCommerce experiences at Vaimo, now located in Brussels but working remotely. 🚀 Launching the CutiePie app soon.

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Welcome to my Digital space!

My professional journey began in the world of business, studying at a renowned university in Barcelona and later working in Germany at top tech companies like trivago and Wayfair.

At Wayfair, my three-year tenure managing a furniture product category ignited a passion for UX design, sparking a transition that led me to freelance web design.✨.

In 2020, I embraced UX/UI design, combining freelancing with pursuing a master’s degree.

As a solopreneur, I refined my skills and later joined Vaimo, an ecommerce-focused agency, where I’ve contributed to the improved user experience for over 40 diverse companies, both B2B and B2C. 

Currently, I’m also part of a dynamic female-led team co-founding a nutrition app, infusing innovation into the intersection of technology, design, and entrepreneurship. ⚡.

My skills

👩🏻‍💻 Product Design

I approach product design holistically, addressing client concerns throughout the digital product journey. Thorough research guides my design process, ensuring alignment with user needs.

🎨 Visual Design

As a visual design enthusiast, I’m passionate about creating clear and balanced visuals. I advocate for design systems, believing they simplify and enhance the design process.

📲 Interaction Design

I specialise in crafting interactive designs that bring prototypes to life. My focus is on creating engaging interactions that add uniqueness and distinction to brands.

✍️ Customer Journey Mapping

I prioritise creating comprehensive customer journey maps to gain a holistic understanding of user interactions. This practice helps me organise my thoughts and identify process flaws early on, guiding the ideation of effective solutions.

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